Fixing Your Garage Door When It's Off Track

When your garage door gets off track, you will not be able to move it up or down. Usually, this is due to a cable breaking or something obstructing the path of the door. A garage door that is off track is not only unsightly, but also dangerous and unstable. Do not attempt to move the door manually or with the automatic garage door opener. In the interest of your safety, do not attempt to move it or repair it yourself. Our professional garage door technicians are trained in handling these situations. Garage Door springs and cables are under extreme pressure, and it’s incredibly dangerous to perform DIY garage door repair.

Garage doors come off track for a variety of reasons: earthquakes normal wear and tear or receiving a hard impact from a car or errant basketball. But don’t panic. we can help realign your garage door tracks in no time. Whether your tracks are damaged or bent, they can have your garage door opening and closing like new simply call and ask for a garage door off track repair !

(TIP)- And for your safety if your garage door is off track,you should not, for your safety, attempt to fix it yourself!!!