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Is your garage door damaged beyond repair and you’re thinking about getting a new one? Are you having problems with it or has someone accidentally driven into the door and you need it repaired? Are you building a new home, updating your existing one, or just want to have your current garage door inspected? Whatever the reason, if you’re in need of garage door services in Suffolk County, you’ve come to the right place! Garage Door Guru is the first choice Hauppauge, NY homeowners and business owners choose when they’re in need of any kind of service for their garage doors!

Complete Hauppauge, NY Garage Door Services

At Garage Door Guru, our goal is to provide meet the needs of each and every client that we serve. To that end, we provide a complete range of services for all of your garage door needs; we like to think of ourselves as Hauppauge, NYs one-stop garage door service shop.

Our comprehensive list of services includes:

  • Maintenance. Just like any other feature of your home, a garage door needs to be properly maintained. Frequent use, exposure to the elements, and the heavyweight of the structure can cause problems that need to be addressed. Most homeowners are completely unaware that an issue exists until their faces with a major problem. At Garage Door Guru, we provide complete maintenance services for all types of garage doors. Our team of experts will perform a full safety inspection of all of the components and make all of the necessary repairs to ensure that your garage door is working properly and safely. From tightening the hardware to balancing the alignment – and every other element – with our maintenance services, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your garage door will always be in good condition.
  • Repairs. Even with routine maintenance, a garage door can become damaged. Someone could accidentally back a car into it, a roller could bend, or a cable could snap. When your garage door needs to be repaired, Garage Door Guru has got you covered. We provide same-day and emergency repair services for all types of problems, including:

o Roller repairs and replacements

o Cable replacements

o Realignments

o Panel repairs or replacements

o Spring Repair and replacements

o Hardware upgrades

o Track repair and replacement

o Lubrication

No matter what the problem may be, you can count on the experts at Garage Door Guru to provide you with fast, efficient, and affordable repairs.

  • Garage door installation. Whether you’re building a new home or business or you want to replace your property’s existing garage door, Garage Door Guru will expertly install a new one for you. We carry a vast selection of styles from some of the best names in the garage door industry. We’ll help you select the best design to suit your specific needs and will make sure that it is installed properly so that you can enjoy the added safety, security, convenience, and aesthetic appeal that a new garage door provides.

As you can see, at Garage Door Guru, we offer every type of garage door service you could possibly need. No other company in Suffolk County provides such a wide selection of services!

Why Choose Garage Door Guru for Your Garage Door Service Needs?

There may be a lot of companies that provide garage door services in Hauppauge, NY, but none of them can compare to Garage Door Guru. What sets us apart from the rest? Above all else, it’s our commitment to excellence. Our goal is to do more than just meet the needs of our clients; we aim to exceed their needs! We provide fast, efficient, professional, and friendly services; in fact, as soon as you contact us, you’ll see exactly why so many property owners choose us for their garage door service needs.

Every member of our team – from our associates to our technicians – will treat you with the utmost respect; we always provide service with a smile. Whatever type of service you require, we’ll make sure that you’re completely involved in the process (after all, it’s your property and you should always be fully aware of what’s going on). Before we perform any service, we perform a complete evaluation and get your stamp of approval before proceeding. We also charge the fairest, most affordable prices; we’ll never charge you for unexpected services or hidden fees.

No other garage door service company in Suffolk County is as dedicated to their clients as Garage Door Guru, and it really shows.

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Maintenance, repairs, new installation; whatever type of garage door service you require, 

contact Garage Door Guru for a consultation and an appointment. Our team is standing by, ready to assist you with all of your needs and we truly look forward to improving the safety, function, and beauty of your property with our stellar garage door services. Dial 888-920-9248 to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable associates today!

What to do When Garage Door Spring Breaks?

When your garage door springs break, you should first secure your property, and then call Garage Door Guru to come repair your broken garage door spring. Move your valuables inside the home, as garage thefts in New York have been steadily rising over the years. 

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Your car gets a tune up and regular maintenance performed, right? Garage door maintenance will insure its dependability and longevity. Just as your car’s maintenance keeps the driver and passengers safe, buying garage door maintenance will help fortify your home from break-ins. So, when you call Garage Door Guru for a tune up and maintenance, our number one priority is to ensure your garage door is keeping your family safe at all times.


Do you need 24 hour Emergency Garage Door Repair in New York area? You’ve come to the right place! Our Garage Door Guru certified technicians are available 24/7. Whether it is rain or shine outside, we will be at your door when you need us. We perform all garage door repairs and installation jobs on a emergency basis. We understand that garage doors can malfunction at any time, leaving your property vulnerable. This is why our technicians are on call ready to respond to any garage door emergency repair needs!


Your company relies heavily on your entire business functioning properly. This goes for each of the commercial garage doors as well. Garage doors can break down from the wear and tear of repetitive use, the occasional slight (or severe) bump from company vehicles, and weather fluctuations. When commercial door repair is necessary, your company is likely losing revenue. At Garage Door Guru we offer expert commercial overhead door repair services for residential, commercial and industrial overhead doors. Our professional technicians will complete your commercial garage door repair job in a timely and efficient manner. Get your business up and running in a shorter time with the help of Garage Door Guru.

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