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The garage door is an integral feature of your home. It provides convenient access to your home and adds to the overall curb appeal of your property. A garage door also protects the entire space and all that it contains (vehicles, landscaping equipment, tools, bikes, toys, and anything else you store inside) from the elements, as well as potential intruders.

Since it’s such a vital part of your house, like any other element you use on a constant basis, routine garage door maintenance is crucial. Garage Door Guru, Nassau County’s leading garage door service provider, provides preventative maintenance for all types of garage doors and will ensure that this all-important element of your home is in tip-top condition.

The Importance of Routine Garage Door Maintenance

You open your garage door on a constant basis; likely multiple times a day. The door is also exposed to the elements, such as extreme temperatures, wind, rain, and snow; plus, it’s a heavy moving object. All of these factors combined mean that a garage door is bound to develop problems over time. Regular wear and tear, if left unchecked, can lead to serious problems down the road, including property damage and physical injuries.

Though a garage door is one of the most frequently used entry points to your house, like most homeowners, you may not realize the importance of routine preventative maintenance. At Garage Door Guru, our goal is to ensure the safety and security of all of our clients; as such, we think it’s crucial for homeowners to understand the importance of regular garage door services. Routine maintenance offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Increased safety. A garage door is comprised of multiple elements.Regular use, exposure to the elements, and the sheer weight of a garage door can damage any of these elements; the rollers can fall off the tracks, springs can pop, hardware can rust, cables can snap… When one of these elements is damaged, a garage door won’t function properly, putting you and anyone else who uses it at risk of being injured. By having your garage door serviced on a regular basis, any minor issues that exist can be corrected before they become serious problems.
  • Enhanced security. Preventative maintenance will also increase the security of your home. Damaged components compromise the security of the door, which, in turn, compromises the security of your entire home. For example, damaged cables or springs can prevent the door from closing all the way and send a calling card to intruders.
  • Cost savings. Preventative maintenance can save you a great deal of money. By maintaining the components and repairing any minor issues, you can avoid more serious and costly problems down the road. For instance, lubricating the hinges on an annual basis will keep the entire system running smoothly and prevent damage to the rollers, hardware, and all other parts of the door that could cost an exorbitant amount to repair.
  • Protection from the elements. Cracks in the door and damaged seals leave your garage open to the elements. When it rains, water could pour into space and damage anything inside. With routine maintenance, any cracks, gaps, and other openings in the garage door can be repaired, keeping the garage and anything inside of it safe from the elements.
  • Reduced energy consumption. Lastly, regular maintenance can help to keep your energy use in check. If there are any gaps or cracks in the door, conditioned air from inside our home can seep out and hot or cold outdoor air can pour in, leading to an increase in energy use – and an increase in your utility bills.

Garage Door Guru: Keeping Nassau County Garage Doors in Tip-Top Condition

Looking for a Nassau County that performs complete garage door services at an affordable price? If so, you won’t have to look too far because Garage Door Guru is the leading provider of garage door services in Plandome Manor, NY. For decades, homeowners throughout the area have been relying on us for all of their garage door service needs – including preventative maintenance.

We provide complete maintenance services, including:

  • Inspection and correction of all hardware, including roller and bolt tightening
  • Balance inspection and realignment
  • Roller and pin inspections and replacements
  • Lubrication of all moving components
  • Cable inspection and correction
  • Complete garage door opener inspection
  • Track cleaning and clearing

When our team of highly trained, experienced technicians is on the job, you can have peace of mind knowing that your garage door will be in tip-top condition. If we should find any issues, we’ll notify you immediately, and (with your approval) will perform the necessary repairs. No other garage door service company can compare to the comprehensive and affordable maintenance services that Garage Door Guru provides.

Schedule Your Garage Door Maintenance Service Today!

Don’t put your family and your home in harm’s way; contact Garage Door Guru to schedule your preventative maintenance service today! We’ll set up a time that’s convenient for you and perform a thorough inspection of your garage door and all of its working components. When you choose Garage Door Guru for your garage door service needs, you can rest easy knowing that your safety and security will be in the very best of hands.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, dial 888-920-9248 at your earliest convenience. We look forward to working with you and exceeding your needs. 

What to do When Garage Door Spring Breaks?

When your garage door springs break, you should first secure your property, and then call Garage Door Guru to come repair your broken garage door spring. Move your valuables inside the home, as garage thefts in New York have been steadily rising over the years. 

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Your car gets a tune up and regular maintenance performed, right? Garage door maintenance will insure its dependability and longevity. Just as your car’s maintenance keeps the driver and passengers safe, buying garage door maintenance will help fortify your home from break-ins. So, when you call Garage Door Guru for a tune up and maintenance, our number one priority is to ensure your garage door is keeping your family safe at all times.


Do you need 24 hour Emergency Garage Door Repair in New York area? You’ve come to the right place! Our Garage Door Guru certified technicians are available 24/7. Whether it is rain or shine outside, we will be at your door when you need us. We perform all garage door repairs and installation jobs on a emergency basis. We understand that garage doors can malfunction at any time, leaving your property vulnerable. This is why our technicians are on call ready to respond to any garage door emergency repair needs!


Your company relies heavily on your entire business functioning properly. This goes for each of the commercial garage doors as well. Garage doors can break down from the wear and tear of repetitive use, the occasional slight (or severe) bump from company vehicles, and weather fluctuations. When commercial door repair is necessary, your company is likely losing revenue. At Garage Door Guru we offer expert commercial overhead door repair services for residential, commercial and industrial overhead doors. Our professional technicians will complete your commercial garage door repair job in a timely and efficient manner. Get your business up and running in a shorter time with the help of Garage Door Guru.

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