The Ups And Downs Of Purchasing Garage Doors

Garage Doors Come In A Variety Of Styles And Materials

  • Steel: Steel plate garage doors are the most common type of doors in suburban areas. They are readily available and have a decent durability. You should always remember to consider the weight of any material when purchasing a garage door.
  • Aluminum: These are the lightest type of garage doors. They are not very common since large amounts of aluminum in sheet form are not practical. Due to their lightweight design, they do not provide as much protection, but they take almost no maintenance
  • Wood: While by far one of the most customizable and beautiful – – – wooden doors require the most maintenance. The wood will need to be protected from the elements far more than metal doors would need.

Other Materials For Garage Doors Include:

  • Fiberglass
  • Vinyl
  • Wood composites

Garage doors are installed onto railing systems that provide a track for them to travel on when they open. Metal doors often have various hinges that allow them to travel simple paths. Solid wood doors or even solid metal doors require slightly more complicated rail systems.

In addition to the railing, the doors are attached to powerful springs. These garage door springs alleviate the weight of the garage door when opening so the garage door opener isn’t strained with the weight of the entire door. Garage door openers take on a lot of strain when the springs break, and it is advised not to use garage door openers until the springs are fixed.

How To Choose A Garage Door

Shopping for a garage door is a significant task, so knowing how to choose one is key to your success in picking the best garage door to meet your needs. First, you need to ask yourself some basic questions like:

  • Do I want the temperature in my garage to be controlled?
  • What kind of material do I want it made out of?
  • What design style do you want?
  • Safety features?
  • Do you want windows and if so what design?
  • What’s your budget?

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