Remote & Keyless Garage Entry

What are the benefits of having remote or keyless entry ?

These devices can come wired or wireless and with new technology they can be programmed to meet all the requirements to do even more than one function at a time.

Besides raising the doors, a wireless keypad will also lock it for you. To access the device, the keypad has been programmed to use a numeric code on the pad instead of using a key. On entering the right code, you can either change the settings or open the garage door.

Other than just offering convenience, the biggest benefit of the remote or wireless keypad is that it not only reduces the number of keys that you carry around with you, it also helps reduce the chance of losing the keys and not being able to enter your home or garage.

There could be times when you need to send someone at your home when you are physically away. All you need to simply give out your code to allow them access, which you can change anytime you want.

Another benefit of this type of garage door opener is that it you can install it anywhere on your garage door because it works by sending the information to the motor. When the right code has been entered, the door opens or closes.

What type of keypad will work with my garage door opener?

You have to find the right keypad that is made for your brand and model of opener if you want to make it work. With so many different brands of garage door openers anddifferent models, it might be difficult to find the right garage door keypad. This is why I recommend you call the export at Garage Door Guru.

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